• A traditional healthy and tasty art, able to take care of the body as well as the spirit

Our ethics

Awareness, health, territory, sustainability, tradition. These are the foundations with which we choose to prepare a rich and tasty menu, respecting ancient flavors and local produce. Let's begin with the generous land that surrounds us: olive trees, aromatic herbs and the local array of seasonal vegetables and local farmers and breeders products that we carefully select.

Winter Garden

Let yourself be caressed by the sunlight that floods into the garden in the morning, while the birds whisper their song in the silence of the woods, while you enjoy a delicious breakfast. Relax while sipping a hot cup of tea in the afternoon, observing the many shades of green that surround you; enjoy a dinner under the stars, to the crackling of the majolica stove. The winter garden is one of the most evocative places at Le Lappe, built entirely of wood by specialized craftsmen, to make your stay is even more enchanting.

The kitchen

A tasty, knowledgeable, familiar and at the same time scrupulous cuisine. Created with farm to table and seasonal products, starting with our organic olive oil, but above all with love and attention to health. We are well equipped for any special needs, from the requests of vegan guests to those with celiac disease or particular allergies. It is a joy for us to welcome you.

Our Tuscan Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The particular environmental conditions and the certified organic cultivation method determine the production of the highest quality olives. The harvest, carried out by hand with facilitators before the complete ripening of the fruit, ensures the preservation of the organoleptic qualities of the oil over time, making it a particularly tasty and at the same time beneficial product.